A poetry upload this week: Ignis Internum, the first real poem I ever wrote, only a handful of years ago. I attended my close friend Pippa Nayer‘s poetry reading at the University of Guildford. I had a few drinks and decided, in a particularly belligerent and arrogant state, that I could write a poem when drunk. Ignis Internum was the result.

I’ve been thinking about Pippa lately. When I first met her, I sensed she was a tortured soul. She was somewhat shy, but had an unrivaled passion for politics and philosophy, and a graphically raw talent for writing. Her writing never held back, and over time as her confidence grew, she never held back either. Pippa might not know this, but she is actually one of my biggest inspirations for writing poetry.

Pippa still writes and reads poetry around her home in Derbyshire, as well as raising money for various charities by signing up to half-marathons and all sorts of physical torture. Her debut pamphlet Thou Shalt Not Suffer recently sold out of its first print. She also volunteers her time to help those in need.


© Pippa Nayer at an open mic night in Derbyshire

Pippa attends open mic nights to share her work with a group of like-minded poets and speakers.  Life hasn’t been easy on Pippa, but these days she wears the scars of life with pride as she stands on-stage and bares all. She blogs regularly, giving us all a fantastic insight into the world according to Pippa Nayer. Be warned, her work isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Read Pippa’s blog here

By Jambo Stewart