If we look close enough, we can often see patterns in nature. Patterns in cell structure, crystal formation, flora and fauna distribution. That’s not to say that there isn’t a rational explanation for how these patterns occur, there are plenty.

Patterns in animal behaviour; breeding cycles; thought trains; habits. They’re all observable and explainable.

Every now and then I see patterns in my own life. Little seemingly irrelevant coincidences that stack up, coincidences that I might not notice is my memory was poorer.

For example, the name Jacque has appeared in various forms. A friend from college who I previously mentioned in my Camping With The Devil reflection was named Jacques, sharing the name (with the same spelling) with somebody I met at a festival. Both my previous and current partners’ mum are both named Jacqueline, and share a birthday.

Edgar Allan Poe, another example, first appeared to me through a quote shown at the start of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, then again in a Gamecube game called ‘Eternal Darkness’. He is also dotted around various television shows I’ve watched. On these occasions, I thought nothing of it because I did not connect the dots. It wasn’t until my twenties when I read most of Edgar Allan Poe’s works, that I recognised (even remembered) some of the quotes.

A couple of months back, I had a couple of weeks without writing, instead unwinding by binging on PS4 games and comedy shows. Edgar Allan Poe popped up in both Arkham Knight and Modern Family in the same evening, which reminded me to get writing (to which I obliged).

Derren Brown would probably say that we actively or subconsciously look for coincidences in search for meaning. A rational theory I suppose, but I cannot help but think that if crystal structures, flower petals and subatomic particles arrange themselves in patterns based on the very laws which enable them to exist, it is possible that the events and influences in our lives are based on an unknown set of laws that generate their own patterns. Physicists theorize about dimensions higher than ours, so isn’t it possible that a science beyond our current understanding predicts certain aspects of our life (whether it be vibrations through cosmic superstrings or some other mystical wonder)?

If so, it may indeed be possible one day to predict such aspects. How predicting the inevitable would be helpful, I’m not sure about, but it may be a step towards solving the grand equation for everything.

11th March 2017 – Update:

Here’s a crazy coincidence that’s fitting with the post. I published this yesterday, and today’s Daily Prompt is Pattern

By Jambo Stewart