Poetry By Jambo Stewart

As I stand on a sinking ship

Plunge to an icy depth I wonder

About the buoyancy of my pride

Is it enough to float me in with the tide?

Or will the shackles of loyalty

Blind as they are

Hold me beneath the waves with nowhere to hide?

Suffocating, as Death’s watery tongues slips deep inside?


I wonder of the rats that jumped ship

With no promise of salvation

Is their outlook as dark and cold as mine?

Or have they found paradise in the sunshine?

There’s no way of knowing

But one thing is certain

Hope was drowning more quickly than me

So with the last glimmer of light, it turned to flee


With darkness all around

There is unavoidable doubt

Was the ship really safe? Did it really hit a cliff?

Or was there sabotage after a mutiny tiff?

Questions that lure me back to the surface

The chains dissolve to rust

I gasp for air at the top, sure I would drown!

It took me a moment to realise that pride was weighing me down.