Poetry by Jambo Stewart


Reservation for two

Me and you

Wine into glasses

Skipping classes

Without a clue


Reservation for three

Us and he


Devilishly cute

On a learning spree


Reservation for four

Still want more?

Scuffles over dinner

And breakfast

What a chore


Reservation for five

Still alive

Try’na keep one

From feeling left out

Home is a dive


Reservation for six

An equal mix

Girls, boys

A whole load of toys

The clock ticks


Reservation for seven

Oh heaven

Never a table fit for us


And count to eleven


Reservation for eight

An expensive date

Spillages and tantrums

Two old enough

To debate


Reservation for twelve

A knife by its helve

Four more

Fresh minds

For which, to delve


Reservation for two

Again, me and you

Older now

Empty nests

We made it through


Reservation for one

Now that you’re done

This wine

I drink alone

Without you, it’s no fun.


By Jambo Stewart┬áin response to today’s Daily Prompt