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The Time Machine

H.G. Wells classic gives us a vision of the future, eight-hundred millennia¬†from now. Continue reading “The Time Machine”

The Game

I’ve always played The Game.

Continue reading “The Game”


Time slipped away from me again this week, just like I mentioned in my update last week. It happens to all of us. Continue reading “Clock-watching”

Wasted Gaming

The other day, a dear friend was telling me about a football manager game he plays. Continue reading “Wasted Gaming”

Disturbed Literature Update

On April the 8th I took a day off from everything. Continue reading “Disturbed Literature Update”

Pragmatism vs Ideology

Over the winter, I saw a picture on a Facebook group which showed a dog in a kennel with the words underneath: Continue reading “Pragmatism vs Ideology”


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This isn’t a movie review. I don’t usually write movie reviews, but every now and then there comes a film that I have to write something about. Continue reading “Inception”

Spiritual Moment

The other day I had a spiritual moment. A fleeting but gratifying feeling of universal consciousness. Continue reading “Spiritual Moment”

A Myth Perpetuated by Trojans

You should never look a gift-horse in the mouth

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