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If we look close enough, we can often see patterns in nature. Patterns in cell structure, crystal formation, flora and fauna distribution. Continue reading “Patterns”

Dark Thoughts

The other day I overheard a conversation. I think they were talking about the gory horror film Hostel (2005), when a woman said: Continue reading “Dark Thoughts”


I saw today’s Daily Prompt was doubt, and some vague recognition sparked as though I was seeing the future. I wasn’t not at all, I merely remembered the past.

Continue reading “Self-Doubt”

Fishing for a readership

Intrigue them with your flash fiction

Seduce them with your short stories

Let them fall in love with your novel


I’ve been dreaming about waves a lot recently. After moving to a beach home and getting used to falling asleep to the sound of waves, I suppose it is only natural that said sounds may occasionally invade my dream-space. Continue reading “Waves”

Pippa Nayer

A poetry upload this week: Ignis Internum, the first real poem I ever wrote, only a handful of years ago. I attended my close friend Pippa Nayer‘s Continue reading “Pippa Nayer”

Hopeless Romantic

Stacey and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, at all. We even forget that it’s in February until we’re bombarded with all the adverts for overpriced meals and novelty gifts. Continue reading “Hopeless Romantic”

A Vision of Hell

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Dreams are a very special kind of magic. They can be influenced by our daily decisions and experiences, and can even influence our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. I’ve always been fond of remembering my dreams, the good and the bad. Continue reading “A Vision of Hell”


Welcome to the new blog. For those of you who are long established readers of Jambo Stewart’s writings (both of you), welcome to the new new blog. Continue reading “Welcome”

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