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The Sound of Rain

Poetry by Jambo Stewart

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Wasted Gaming

The other day, a dear friend was telling me about a football manager game he plays. Continue reading “Wasted Gaming”

Disturbed Literature Update

On April the 8th I took a day off from everything. Continue reading “Disturbed Literature Update”


Poetry By Jambo Stewart

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The Moth and The Butterfly

This is the story of two caterpillars. Continue reading “The Moth and The Butterfly”

A Fable

I wanted to write something simple and abstract with a direct message, a fable as such. It was a way of reflecting on certain events in my life at the time. It was around 5am, when walking a six-mile journey home after a long binge-drinking session that I thought up the idea of The Moth and the Butterfly. I penned it before passing out. Enjoy.

The Moth and the Butterfly

By Jambo Stewart

Pragmatism vs Ideology

Over the winter, I saw a picture on a Facebook group which showed a dog in a kennel with the words underneath: Continue reading “Pragmatism vs Ideology”

The Original Selfie

I came across that list again the other day: ’15 Selfies Taken Moments Before Death’, the one I mentioned in The South Gut reflection. It got me thinking about my travels as a younger man, when I arrived in a little Greek town named Myocopea. Continue reading “The Original Selfie”


Poetry by Jambo Stewart Continue reading “Silhouettes”

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